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Eligibility Criteria For Quick Loans

  1. Employed and earning a stable income
  2. Not more than one active loan
  3. Not in financial hardship or bankruptcy
  4. Not On Job Seeker/Youth Allowance
  5. Over 18 years of age
  6. Australian citizen or permanent resident
  7. Valid Australian bank account

What are cash loans?

In this day and age, when you need cash, you need it fast. Not tomorrow, not next week, but now. So what do you do? Traditional finance options can take days or weeks to get an answer. And you need cash now. So, who do you turn to when you don’t have any extra cash to spare and your savings are looking a little depleted? Breezy Loans cash loans could be just the answer you’re looking for. Not too sure what a quick cash loan is or how it works? No worries, Breezy is here to help you out. Sit back, relax and we’ll give you the low down on why we’re so good at what we do.

Cash loans are exactly what they sound like. Small personal loans that are designed to help you out, fast. When life comes knocking and something unexpected pops up you generally need cash fast. Our cash loans are paired with quick stress-free applications and same-day approvals that take the hassle out of finance.

And many, many more. If something unexpected catches you when you least expect it and you don’t have a lot of cash to spare trust that Breezy’s cash loans can help you out.

What can cash loans be used for?

Cash loans can be used for a bunch of different reasons. Whatever you need fast cash for, Breezy loans can help you out with speedy applications and even faster outcomes. These cash loans are also known as emergency loans, small personal loans and no credit check loans.. If something unexpected catches you when you least expect it and you don’t have a lot of cash to spare trust that Breezy’s cash loans can help you out.

Who can apply for cash loans?

We want to be able to help out as many Aussies as we possibly can, so we’ve made our application criteria for cash loans nice and simple. We only ask that you meet a few criteria. If you can answer yes to each of the following then you’re eligible to apply for one of our speedy small personal loans:

● An Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia
● 18 years of age
● Earning a regular income - a minimum of $600 per week from wages - for at least three months
● Have an active valid bank account
● Have an active mobile number and email address
● Not bankrupt or in a financial crisis where you cannot comfortably meet your loan repayments
● Not already applied for two or more loans in the last 90-day period

Can I apply if I receive Centrelink?

Yes, you can apply for our cash loans if you receive Centrelink! Unlike traditional lenders, we believe that everyone deserves a fair go, regardless of whether they receive Centrelink or not. We won’t automatically exclude you simply for receiving Centrelink payments. So, regardless of whether you receive full or partial Centrelink payments, feel free to submit an application for our cash loans and see if Breezy can help you out today.

Do I need to provide paperwork with my application?

The beauty of Breezy Loans is that we boast a 100% online, paper-free application process! This means that we don’t need you to go and hunt down any extra paperwork or documentation in order to submit an application. We simply get you to submit an e-bank statement when you send us your application. It’s nice and easy, so don’t worry!

Will bad credit affect my chances of getting cash loans?

We know that not everyone is going to have a perfect credit score and that sometimes life can happen, leading to a bit of bad credit history. Breezy Loans will not give you an instant no due to this bad credit. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance and a fair go. We also believe that there is much more to someone’s application than their credit history. We look at a number of different aspects including your repayment history, income and expenditure, credit history and previous lending history. This helps to provide us with a good overall snapshot of your current finances.

So, even if you do have a bit of bad credit history in your past, don’t let that stop you from applying for cash loans. Here at Breezy Loans, we won’t judge you solely in your credit history. Instead, we’ll give you the fair go that you deserve.

What fees are charged on cash loans?

We can’t give you an exact answer as to what kind of fees you will definitely be charged as they are all unique. We can, however, can give you an example of what you might expect to be charged on a couple of different loan products. Remember though that these are examples only. Your assessment expert will discuss your fees and charges with you once they have assessed your application and examined your financial situation to see what works best for you.

Will I get charged for missing a repayment?

Yes, if your repayment declines we will charge your account a $27.50 dishonour fee. In order to avoid any such fees we suggest always making sure that you have sufficient money in your account to cover your loan repayment.

How do repayments work?

Repaying your cash loans is simple. Once your loan has been approved we set up a direct debit repayment in line with your income day. The direct debit will run for the life of the loan and all you simply have to do is ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account on your repayment day. Easy!

Can I change my repayments?

Yes, as long as you give us sufficient time to make the changes in our system, we can generally make changes to your repayment if you need to. Just remember that we need at least 24-hours notice minimum to enact any changes to your upcoming repayments.

Ready to apply?

Submitting an application for cash loans couldn’t be easier. We know that time is money so we designed an application that will only take a couple of minutes out of your busy day. Our 100% online, paper-free application can be completed in a breeze. That’s right, just a few short minutes and you can get back to the important things in life.

Step 1

Begin your application by scrolling up and inputting the amount you would like to borrow and hitting submit. You’ll be taken through to the first page of the form where we’ll get a couple of personal details from you such as your name, age, address and reason for applying for our cash loans.

Step 2

We’ll now get you to upload a secure, read-only E-bank copy of your bank statements through our trusted bank statement partner Credit Sense. Credit Sense will ask you to sign on with your online banking details and then grab a read-only copy of your statements. These statements remain active to us for 24-hours only. This is a completely trusted and secure way of uploading your bank statements as none of your personal login details will be saved by us or Credit Sense. If you’re a Centrelink recipient we will also get you to upload a copy of your income statement. Please note that we cannot accept photos, screenshots or PDF copies of your documents.

Step 3

Once your application has been submitted our team of assessment experts will assess the information that you have provided us with. If we are able to approve you for one of our cash loans the team will get in touch with you to discuss your loan contract and repayment terms that they have drawn up for you. Once we have received your signed contract we can release your cash loans funds to your nominated bank account!.

Do you contact my employer?

More often than not we don’t need to speak to your employer when you apply for one of our cash loans. However, in some cases, if we do have to verify your income we may need to get in touch with your employer. Don’t worry if we do though, our team is incredibly discrete and won’t disclose the reason for the employment verification.

Can I repay my loan early?

Yes, you can absolutely pay off your cash loans early! We love when our clients are able to pay off their loans early. And, because we believe in flexibility and working with our clients we won’t charge you any early pay out fees if you are able to pay your loan off early. So, if you want to save yourself some cash and avoid monthly fees or interest charges, get in contact with us when you’re ready and we’ll be more than happy to help you settle your remaining loan balance.

Don’t waste time, apply for cash loans now!

Rather than wasting time worrying about where you’re going to come up with the cash that you need, why not submit an application for cash loans with Breezy Loans today? our stress-free, 100% online, paper-free application process is just the thing when you need some extra funds, fast.

Don’t get caught out with applications that take you hours to complete and days or even weeks to get an outcome. With our same-day approvals available, Breezy Loans is the lender you need when you’re strapped for cash. Apply now and see just how quick and efficient we are when it comes to fast finance and even faster cash loans.

Have some questions we haven’t covered or want to follow up on an application that you submitted? No worries! Get in contact with us and well do our best to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

    To be eligible for a Breezy loan you simply need to be:
  • (a). 18 years of age.
  • (b). An Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • (c). Receiving a regular income in a personal account for at least three months.
  • (d). Able to provide an active mobile number and email address.
  • (e). We may require some extra info once you apply; however, don’t worry, we’ll let you know!

Payday loans are loans that work around your pay schedule. Payday loans are typically unsecured, short-term loans and are usually paid off by your next pay cycle. Personal loans come with a higher term and amount. A security may also required for loan amount more than $5000.

No, we don’t offer payday loans Australia. We do, however, offer flexible loan terms, in line with responsible lending practices.

Yes! We welcome all applicants, no matter what your finances say. We can’t promise to help everyone, but we are more lenient than traditional lenders. So, if you have bad credit, why not apply and see if we can help you.

Yes! If you receive Centrelink payments you may have been knocked back by traditional lenders. However, our team of lending specialists classify Centrelink as regular income as long as you’ve been receiving the payments for at least 3 months.

That’s easy – nothing! Our loan service is 100% paperwork-free. So, no need to worry about submitting any paperwork. We’ll simply ask for your bank account, MyGov and employment info. Don’t worry, it’s nothing scary. We use your bank account and MyGov info to access a read-only copy of your statements, so there’s no need for you to submit any documentation! Breezy, right?

In some cases, we may need to contact your employer. Typically, we do this for new customers, and our team of lending specialists are always discrete and respectful. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Yes, as part of our responsible lending practices, we do conduct credit checks. However, don’t let this deter you from applying for quick cash.

Applications can be submitted 24/7 via our website; however, our team needs their rest too, so we’ll begin assessing during our office hours.
Office hours:
Monday to Friday – 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday – Closed
If you apply outside of these hours, you can expect an outcome from our team of loan specialists on the next business day.

Rather than ask “how much can I borrow” ask how much do you need. We want to help, so firstly apply for what you need, and we’ll do our best to bring you a positive outcome. You can borrow from $2100 to $70,000.

Yes, absolutely! We are online lenders that use the latest in safe banking technology to ensure we assess your loan accurately and (most importantly) quickly!

If you’re approved, congratulations! We’ll send you a loan contract, and once you’ve signed on the dotted line, we’ll transfer your cash directly. Apart from your weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayments, you don’t need to worry about a thing. If you have any questions regarding your current loan, email us at hello@breezyloans.com.au.

First off, we’re sorry you’ve been unsuccessful this time around, but there’s always a next time! We may have said no this time, but we won’t say no forever. You can re-apply after 90 days, and we’ll re-assess your application.

At Breezy, once your loan is approved, we’ll set up a direct debit with your bank account. So, your repayments will automatically be deducted from your account – completely seamless! What a breeze.

We understand that life happens and sometimes you may need to tweak your repayment schedule. If you do, that’s fine, just let our team know at least 24 hours before your next repayment.

Yes. Unfortunately, if you miss a repayment, we will debit your account $27.50. Therefore, to avoid any nasty fees, make sure to have your repayments ready to go in your account before they’re due.

Of course! At Breezy, we believe in flexible loan terms. Therefore, if you find a stroke of luck and you’re able to pay your loan off early, do it and save yourself the interest.

We want our customers to be happy! So, if you have an issue with our service, please feel free to lodge a complaint by emailing us at hello@breezyloans.com.au. We’ll be glad to address any problems or questions you have about our loan service.


Searching for a breezy, personal loan?

Apply for $2100 to $70,000.

Look no further than Breezy Loans for quick finance topped with top-notch
customer service and loan specialists who get it.

Rates & Costs

Medium Personal Loan

Loan Amount
$2100 - $4800

Loan term
12 months - 24 months


  • 1. Maximum Interest rate: 45.99% p.a.
  • 2. Comparison rate: 37.10% p.a. to 65.70% p.a.
  • 3. Loan Type: Secured & Unsecured
  • 4. Establishment Fee: $400

This comparison rate is based on $3600 over 12 months. These are secured and unsecured loans, so lender might ask for security as well. The minimum loan term is 12 months and maximum loan term is 24 months or more.

These are estimated rates only and a comparison rate based on the example information provided. Other fees, costs and charges are not included. This calculation is not an offer for credit. The amount you can borrow may vary once you complete a loan application and all the details relevant to our lending criteria are captured and verified. The interest rate for this product is variable and subject to change.


Personal Loan

Loan Amount
$16,000 - $70,000

Loan term
12 months - 5 years*

  • 1. Interest rate: 14.2% p.a.
  • 2. Comparison rate: 14.65% p.a.
  • 3. Loan Type: Secured & Unsecured

These rates are an example for a loan of $50,000 if borrowing for a term of 5 years.

Loan Amount of $50,000 over 5 years repayable. A monthly $1,190.60 Repayment at a maximum of 14.64% p.a. Comparison Rate. These are secured loans, so lender might ask for security as well. The minimum loan term is 12 months and maximum loan term is 5 years or more.

These are estimated rates only and a comparison rate based on the example information provided. Other fees, costs and charges are not included. This calculation is not an offer for credit. The amount you can borrow may vary once you complete a loan application and all the details relevant to our lending criteria are captured and verified. The interest rate for this product is variable and subject to change.


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